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Zandifar MD is conveniently located to offer state of the art male hair transplant procedure to Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, West Hollywood and West Los Angeles areas.

Over the course of a lifetime, at least 2 out of 3 men will suffer from hair loss and hair thinning. It is a very common complaint amongst men and most see hair loss and hair thinning as the number one reason why they look older than their age.


Luckily, there are now many treatments and procedures that can help alleviate hair loss. If all other treatments and procedures fail, in most cases, a hair transplantation procedure can restore the natural appearance and density of the hair on top of the scalp and improve self confidence.

At ZandifarMD we are experts on all manners of treatment of hair loss and can advise you appropriately on the best options for your condition.

What is Male Pattern Baldness?

The main cause of hair loss in men and women is a condition known as male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia.  The reason why this condition is called male pattern baldness is because hair loss is caused by the effect of a testosterone by product known as di-hydro testosterone (DHT). Because this hormone level is much higher in men than women, more men suffer this condition than women. Typically, the hairs on top of the head can thin out and fall with constant exposure to DHT. The hairs on the side and back of the scalp do not respond this way to DHT exposure. For this reason, male pattern baldness, spares the hairs on the sides and back of the scalp.

Illustration of Pathology of Male Pattern Baldness.png

The degree of hair loss varies from person to person and it is difficult to predict the final amount of hair loss one can suffer. However, there are certain conditions that can reliably predict the expected amount of hair loss one would experience.


The Norwood Scale (below) identifies the different types of male hair loss, and the expected progression:

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Why undergo hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation, is the procedure that takes the hair from the side and back region of the scalp that is resistant to the effects of DHT and  transplanted to the areas where the hair is thinning or has been lost. The newly transplanted hairs are resistant to further hair loss and thus the results last a lifetime. By far, hair transplantation gives the best and most natural results in hair restoration. The newly implanted hairs will grow and act normally. They can be styled and cut the same way as before.  At ZandifarMD, we utilize the most advanced technique in FUE hair transplantation to achieve natural-looking results with a high success rate.

How is the hair transplant procedure done?

A typical hair transplant procedure is one day outpatient procedure done in our state of the art office. Prior to your visit or on the morning of your procedure the area of the donor site is shaved down to allow us to harvest individual hair follicles.  Then the donor area is anesthetized using topical anesthetics. For this portion of the procedure the patient is lying on their face (prone position). The harvest typically takes about 2-3 hours. Then the area is covered and patient is sitting down in a comfortable position on the procedure table. The recipient area is then prepped and anesthetized and the transplantation begins. During this portion, patients are able to be comfortable and watch a show or read a book.

What is the recovery from hair transplantation?


The recovery from hair transplantation is typically about 10 days. The donor area is usually covered by a dressing for 2 days and then it is removed.


After the dressing is removed, the area can be cleaned with soap and water and covered with antibiotics ointment. After about 7 days the area is healed completely.


The recipient area is sprayed with normal saline multiple times a day for the first 2-3 days. After that it can be washed 1-2 times a day with half saline and half baby shampoo.


The recipient area should not be rubbed or scrubbed for the first 10 days. After that, the crusting on the site can be removed with gentle shampooing a normal fashion.

How long before I see the results of my hair transplant procedure?

The new hair implants will initially fall off during the first 1-2 months. This is completely normal and expected. After about 4-6 months, they will re-grow and by 1 year all of the implanted hairs would have re-grown. At this point the final results are typically realized. It is important to note that these results are permanent and will grow with you for the rest of your life. 

Male Hair Transplant Case Study 1

Patient is a 57 year old male who has always struggled with high hair line and low hair density.  He began to lose his hair in his late 30s and has tried over the counter medications, injections, prescription medications and topical lasers. Although he feels like it has slowed his hair loss he continues to be bothered by the amount of scalp that he is showing.

He underwent 2000 FUE hair transplants and the post-operative pictures are 6 months post transplant. He is happy with his results and is looking forward to having another 2000 FUE procedure to get further density.

Male Hair Transplant Case Study 2

Patient is a 45 year old male who has been noticing the bald spot on the top of his head as well as thinning of his hair line.  He has tried topical medications with no improvement.  He wants to restore density and improve his hair line.

He underwent 2000 FUE hair transplantation and 4 months later he is already seeing results of the procedure.  In his case he was also started on Minoxidil and Propecia (Finestride) after the procedure to prevent further hair loss and give him long lasting permanent results.

Why choose ZandifarMD?

At ZandifarMD we pride ourselves in providing a boutique, tailor made experience for our patients. We utilized the most experienced staff and the latest technology to give you a natural appearing result. 


If you are interested in having a hair transplantation

you can call our office at

424 599-4333

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