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Non-medical alternatives for hair restoration available with ZandifarMD

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What non-medical alternatives that are available

for me if I am experiencing hair loss?



Although wigs and hairpieces have a negative connotation in today's society, the latest advancements have resulted in natural appearing wigs that can be worn during multiple kinds of activities.  Sometimes, wigs are the only alternatives as the amount of hair loss is too much for any procedures to get the desired results.  At ZMDHair for our female patients we recommend The Wig Fairy as a trusted source of high quality wigs



Scalp micropigmentation is a process during which an SMP specialist can use a very specific tattoo device to tattoo the scalp.  The result is the appearance of hair where there is none.  This is done usually to give a 5 O'clock shadow appearance to the scalp.  The results will fade over time and requires regular upkeep.




Similar to SMP, eyebrow microblading or nanoblading utilizes pigments being placed where there should be eyebrows in order to achieve a natural appearance of eyebrows. The results will fade over time and requires regular upkeep.

ZandifarMD is conveniently located in Southern California. 

Offering state-of-the-art hair loss treatment and technology in both medication hair loss treatments, hair transplantation, and non-medication hair restoration. Our hair loss specialists and hair transplant surgeons offer hair restoration in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and the Greater Los Angeles areas.

Am I a candidate for non-medical alternatives for hair loss?

non-medical alternatives are generally the only option available for anyone who has lost too much hair to be able to replace it with hair transplantation or does not have enough donor hair for an FUE hair transplantation procedure.  Some individuals may use these techniques as a stop gap measure before moving forward with hair transplantation.  These measures are generally more affordable than hair transplantation but with regular upkeep and maintenance the overall cost can be more than a permanent solution via hair transplantation.

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Why choose ZandifarMD?

At ZandifarMD we pride ourselves in providing a boutique, tailor made experience for our patients. We utilized the most experienced staff and the latest technology to give you a natural appearing result. 


If you are interested in having a hair transplantation

you can call our office at

424 599-4333

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