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What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation procedure is the name given to a procedure where hairs from one part of the body are harvested and transplanted to another part of the body. Typically, hairs are harvested from the back and side of the scalp. This is because the hairs in this region are sturdy, thick and plentiful. These hairs tend to resist the medical and genetic factors that cause hair loss. These hairs are harvested either via a strip (FUT) or a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique and are transplanted to the desired area.

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What is the Strip Technique or FUT?


The strip technique (also referred to as follicular unit transplantation or FUT) is a technique during which a long strip of hair is excised from the back of the scalp as the donor hair.  Then the individual hairs are separated and transplanted in the desired location.

What are the advantages of FUT?


The advantages of FUT or strip technique is that in patients who generally have low hair density even in the back of their hair, you can still move forward with hair transplantation. In these individuals, strip technique is the only option that they have.  Another advantage is that there is no need to shave the hair to obtain donor hairs. The area of the strip is typically shaved prior to removal and the rest of the head is left alone.  Also the time that a patient needs to be laying face down is significantly less than the FUE technique.

What are the disadvantages of FUT?

The biggest disadvantage of FUT is that there is a tell-tale scar in the back of the scalp. This means that a very short hair style in the back of the scalp is not possible. Another disadvantage of FUT is that there is sutures in the back of the scalp that will require removal. The recovery for the donor site is longer and typically more painful.

What are the differences between FUT and FUE
Hair Transplant Techonlogy?

What are FUT and FUE Hair Transplant Techniques - Image showing FUT vs. FUE hair extraction and hair transplantation techniques.

What is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)?


The follicular unit extraction (FUE) method is a technique that uses small punches to harvest individual follicular units.  Often times the punches are attached to a suction which then allows for the individual hair follicles to be collected in a container.  There are several devices that can be used to harvest the grafts and at ZandifarMD we use the state of the art HAARTS X-2 robotic system or the famous NeoGraft device.  The individual hairs that have been harvested then are transplanted to the desired location.

What are the advantages of FUE?

The advantages of FUE are that there is excision of a strip of skin and there is no sutures at the harvest site.  The donor site heals quickly and there is no visible scar.  The remaining hairs in the back of the scalp will grow out quickly and cover the extraction sites.  Typically, within one week of the procedure the extraction sites have healed and are not perceptible to most people.  Furthermore, The FUE technique allows for a more precise excision of desired hair follicles.

What are the disadvantages of FUE?

One of the disadvantages of the FUE technique is that the surgical time is usually longer than the FUT technique and thus the maximum amount of hair that can be transplanted is generally capped at around 3500 units per session.  Furthermore, there is a need to shave the hair in the back and side of the scalp and some may not want to have this type of hair style.  Also, in patients that have low hair density along the side and back of the scalp, FUE technique is not an option.

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Donor and Recipient Areas of the Scalp
for Hair Transplant

Donor And Recipient Areas of the Scalp - Image showing the harvest area and typical implantation area for FUE Hair transplantation

Image showing the harvest area and typical implantation area for FUE Hair transplantation

What is the recovery process for hair transplantation?


The recovery process for hair transplantation is usually a 1-week process.  The recovery is usually defined by recovery care of the donor site and the recovery care of the recipient site. 


First, let's cover the recovery of the hair transplant donor site.  Initially, the donor area is covered with a bandage.  This bandage is removed in 2 days and this area can be cleaned gently with shampoo and water.  The care of the donor area is very simple, and the donor sites heal within days.  By 10 days the surrounding hair has grown to a level to cover all of the donor sites and the area is completely healed.

Now let's go over the recovery of the recipient site.  The newly transplanted hairs will need a little bit more careful care.  The transplanted area will need to be kept moist with a saline spray used several times a day for the first 3 days.  After that the hair transplant region can be cleaned with water and shampoo placed in a cup and poured over the area.  It should not be rubbed or scrubbed.  It should be dried gently.  A loose-fitting cap can be worn after 3 days.  After 10 days the transplanted area can be treated like normal hair.  You can resume most oral medications such as minoxidil or fenestride after 2 weeks and you can resume all topical medications such as Rogain after 3 weeks.

How soon can I see the results of hair transplantation?

The newly transplanted hairs will not grow at first.  In fact, it is normal to see them fall after the first 2 weeks.  However, after 3-6 months, the newly transplanted hair will start to grow and at around 1 year you will have your final results.

During this phase, it is recommended to avoid getting sunburn to the scalp as this can affect the hair from growing.

If I need to, when can I have a second procedure?

Because we generally do not do more than 3000 - 3500 FUE hair transplants in one sitting, it is possible that you may need a second procedure.  This second procedure is usually done any time after 6 months from your first procedure.

The second procedure can be done to give additional coverage or to achieve better density of the transplanted area.

Why choose ZandifarMD?

At ZandifarMD we pride ourselves in providing a boutique, tailor made experience for our patients. We utilized the most experienced staff and the latest technology to give you a natural appearing result. 


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