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Eyebrow Transplant- Cost & What It’s Like.......

It’s no secret that winter brings teeth-chattering cold, but to add insult to injury, it also brings dry temperatures. These temperatures can be detrimental for your skin. Especially those who suffer from seborrheic dermatitis or other skin conditions.

These conditions can leave skin flakes coating underneath your eyebrows. This is caused by an overproduction of skin cells produced by your immune system. It can seem as though dandruff is abundant on your eyebrows, and for many, this means they are ripe for picking.

However, this can cause even more serious issues, if not dealt with properly. For many who deal with skin issues that wreak havoc on their eyebrows, there is a solution. If you don’t know about eyebrow transplants, let me explain it to you.

The Process

The process is quite similar to a hair transplant where the patient receives plugs. Essentially what they do is shave a strip of a hair off the back of your head. Following this they take a piece of the exposed skin, and stitch it back up.

Next, the follicles are transplanted to your eyebrows through small incisions. After this, you need to play the waiting game. Without a sure-fire guarantee of which follicles will take, you need to allow your skin the necessary time.

Throughout this wait, which could take around a week or so, you cannot wet your eyebrows. This can mean a week without a shower (we know, gross, but it’ll be worth it). The initial response to the process will be swelling and redness, which will go down given the necessary period of time.

What Happens Next?

After a couple of weeks, the swelling should be gone completely. The redness will have vanished, but you’ll still need to be patient. The follicles will likely have taken by this point, but just like any hair on your body, the process of growing back will take time. Patience is a virtue.

Over time you will notice the hairs returning. They may grow back at a pace different from what you are accustomed to. Since the follicles are taken from your scalp, you will notice that the hair grows back much like the hair on your head would.

All this means is that you will likely need to trim them with nail scissors when you feel they are getting too long. You can still use pencil or pomade to ensure that your brows look like you want them too, but be weary of tweezers.

Contact ZandifarMD For More Information

If you’d like more information on the cost of the procedure, whether your insurance will cover it, or any general questions that require a more in depth explanation, make sure to contact Zandifar MD today!


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