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Hair doesn't make 
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“Zandifar MD is conveniently located to offer state of the art female and women’s hair transplant to Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, West Hollywood and West Los Angeles areas”

If you are a woman suffering from hair loss or thinning of your hair or hairline then a female hair transplant may be the best option for you. Contrary to the common belief, hair loss and baldness are not just problems affecting men.  In fact 1 in 5 women may suffer from hair loss, thinning or balding during their lifetime. 


Similarly to men, hair loss in women can be triggered by many factors.  Female hair loss has been attributed to stress, pregnancy, medication, autoimmune disorders and certain hormonal imbalances.  Gradual hair loss can also be due to aging or other genetic factors.


​For this reason, hair loss in women should be thoroughly investigated and the cause identified.  Once the cause is corrected the hair loss can be naturally restored via a hair transplantation procedure.​

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Generally female hair loss is classified using the above classification (ludwig scale).  Each stage of the scale can be treated differently and at ZandifarMD we have decades of experience in treating female hair loss.

What is a female hair transplant?

A hair transplant at ZandifarMD is a one day outpatient procedure during which hairs from areas in the back of the scalp are harvested individually and then transplanted to the areas that are balding or thinning.  This procedure can be performed in both men and women and results in hair growing in areas where there was none.

Hair transplantation at ZandifarMD utilizes the FUE technique of hair tranplantation.  With this technique there is no visible scar, sutures or stitches.  The donor hairs are harvested using state of the art technology that allows for rapid healing of the donor site.


What is different about hair transplantation in women vs. men?

We understand that the loss of hair and the appearance of having had a cosmetic procedure can be disheartening.  At ZandifarMD we specialize in discreet hair transplantation in a manner that will make it difficult for anyone to know you have recently had a procedure.  Furthermore, we specialize in natural results so that once your new hair has grown out it will look like it had always belonged there.  No one will know you have had a procedure.


When performing a hair transplantation, there are some technical challenges that are unique to women that have to be considered.  One of these challenges is that it is usually not desirable for women to shave the entire donor site.  At ZandifarMD we have the ability to shave the donor site in such a discrete manner that you would not be able to know a procedure was performed within a days time.  Furthermore, we are able to transplant the donor hair to the thinning region without shaving the hair.  This allows for easy camouflage of the recipient site by the remaining hair and thus within days of having the procedure, you can leave the house without any concerns.


Female Hair Transplant Case Study

50 year old female who had struggled with hair loss and thinning for years had failed all other medical management.  She underwent hair transplantation with 2000 FUE grafts.

Why choose ZandifarMD?

At ZandifarMD we pride ourselves in providing a boutique, tailor made experience for our patients. We utilized the most experienced staff and the latest technology to give you a natural appearing result. 


If you are interested in having a hair transplantation you can call our office at

424 599-4333


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