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Eyebrow Transplants: A Permanent Solution to Thin Eyebrows

Eyebrows can end up thin due to a number of reasons: scarring due to repeated plucking, autoimmune disorders, surgery, accidents, and even aging. Eyebrows affected by these reasons can have a hard time growing, or will completely stop growing due to all the damage they have gone through.

Unfortunately, thinning eyebrows can keep both men and women conscious about their physical appearance. Thinning eyebrows can lower one’s self-confidence and self-esteem, which is why doctors and cosmetologists all around the world have worked on solutions that can help alleviate this problem.

Today, a lot of eyebrow treatments are available. There are eyebrow perms that help make eyebrows look fuller, then there are eyebrow tattoos and eyebrow microblading, which are semi-permanent solutions that give the appearance of having more strands of hair on your eyebrows.

The downside to these solutions, however, is that they are not permanent. Eyebrow perms are done every month and can only be done on people who still have a significant amount of eyebrow hair. Eyebrow microblading lasts for only six months to two years, requiring a few touch-ups every now and then.

So far, there is only one permanent solution to thinning eyebrows, and those are eyebrow transplants.

What are eyebrow transplants?

Unlike the other eyebrow solutions that require frequent visits in order to keep up their full appearance, eyebrow transplants are a permanent solution to the hair thinning problem. These transplants use real hair coming from the patient, which is then positioned according to what is ideal for the patient’s facial features and preferences.

How are eyebrow transplants done?

First, the doctor makes sure that the patient’s medical history is in check, which means: no bleeding disorders, no plastic surgery complications, no alopecia areata. Doctors also make sure that their patients don’t have any hair-pulling disorders.

Once all the medical concerns are checked and ironed out, the doctor will then design the eyebrow transplant placement based on the patient’s preferences and on their facial features.

Finally, the doctor and their team will harvest the needed hair follicles to transplant, usually taking them from the arms, the legs, or the nape of the neck, where thinner hairs grow.

The entire process takes around 2-3 hours, and the period of recovery takes around 14 days or less.

The best thing about eyebrow transplants is that the transplanted hair continues to grow, since it’s not just the hair but the follicles that were placed on the patient’s eyebrows. It’s as though their eyebrows are as good as new!

Do you think an eyebrow transplant is just what you need?

Schedule a consultation with ZMD hair today to see what’s in store for you! Our kind staff will warmly answer any questions about the procedure, from risks and preparation details, to recovery and aftercare. We’ll be with you every step of the way. Give us a call today!


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